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Summer 2017 - a brand new water pump for Darfur!

And it was only made possible thanks to you! Thank you for purchasing Infusion Club bottles, for using them daily and for sharing them with your friends! Your actions and generosity have built a life saving tool to people in Darfur. So many people and animals will have drinking water, so many children will be able to attend school instead of having to walk tens of kilometers every day. And most of all thank you Patricia and Kids4Kids for doing this amazing work helping the children that the rest of the world had forgotten. Thank you thank you thank you!


Did you know that the person you love next you is made of 60% water? Did you know that their heart consists of 73% water? The person you don’t know yet, a child, an adult, en elderly – they are as well. In this we are all the same. Yet we do not have the same access to the basic human right to clean drinking water.

Darfur people have to walk many miles every single day to collect every drop. Children are often the ones to collect the water. Infuse Your Life helps to raise funds to provide handpumps – and to repair existing ones that stand unusable in the desert.

This socially conscious bottle was designed to raise awareness and funds for the global water crisis. So when proudly using it you have contributed to a higher cause. We thank you and wish you long and pleasant use!

For more information or if you wish to contribute independently from Infusion Club, visit

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